Tổng quan về điện Trung Quốc 2023

Dear customers, hereby please allow me, on representative of Sunchonglic factory, to express our gratitude to all of you for visiting our booth during 11-13 July,2023.During this exhibition, Many customers came to our booth for consulting our Low frequency hybrid solar inverter,UPS inverter,Pure sine wave UPS,Pure sine wave inverter,Modified sine wave inverter,AGM/GEL battery charger,PWM/MPPT solar controller,Voltage stabilizer,Solar generator,Solar power station,Lithium battery charger,LiFePO4 battery charger,etc.
So far we have successfully established new business partnership with many customers or purchasing agency coming from Southeast Asia,Africa,Mid-east,etc. And our product will be always fully endorsed by our new and old customers. If you wanna know more details of our products, Pls subscribe our YouTube channel and follow our Facebook Fan Page. Thanks so much for your support!







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